Total Quality Management Training

Total Quality Management

Warba towards Excellence!

Beirut, Lebanon – November 6 2017-November 8 2017 – Warba Co. Ltd. held a training entitled “Total Quality Management & Excellence” at Crown Plaza Beirut, Lebanon. The Trainer was Mr. Khaled Touqan (M.Sc.) having more than twenty five years of experience in management, economics, and business consultancy out of which more than ten years of experience in Quality Management Systems and Excellence Models including ISO 9000 certification. Mr. Touqan has already assisted more than fifty companies in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Yemen, Lebanon and Palestine in developing Quality and Performance Management Systems that comply with international standard requirements. Mr. Touqan is a Quality Lead Auditor Registered at the International Register of Certificated Auditors (IRCA) in the United Kingdom under registration no. A011775. Mr. Touqan is an accredited trainer and facilitator in areas related to Organizational Development, Strategic & Business Planning, Total Quality Management, and Organizational Excellence.

Thirty of the top management employees from all departments of Warba attended the training.Mr. Khaled Touqan welcomed the attendees emphasizing the need of Total quality management in organizations to jumpstart their Excellence Journey.

Total Quality Management (TQM) is an approach that leads to business excellence and creates a value for the customer. It demonstrates Warba’s mission and values as leading distributor of high quality pharmaceutical products and services by stressing on customer satisfaction and strengthening partnerships with all stakeholders including government bodies and suppliers. The key principles of TQM include the following:

  1. Management Commitment
  2. Employee Empowerment
  3. Fact Based Decision Making
  4. Continuous Improvement
  5. Customer Focus

The event was concluded with a thank you note from Mr. Khaled Touqan and a speech from Warba General Manager Mr. Bilal Al Sammarrai where attendees had the chance to network and give their opinions on the training.