Core Values

Warba was established based on the following five values that its top management and staff believe in:

Quality - Partnership - Integrity - Passion – Excellence


We believe in quality as way of doing out business, and thus we deal with top international suppliers whose brands are well known and their products are known for high quality in the worldwide markets.


We believe in partnerships with our suppliers as well as our customers and thus creating a win-win relationship. We also believe in providing value added products and services to our suppliers and customers and thus strengthening our role as agents of high quality brands.


We believe that integrity will always be the base of our operation and dealings; leading to the solid relationships that we have built with our stakeholders, whether employees, banks, customers and suppliers.


We believe that people with passion drive our businesses and this is why we are continuously striving to enhance this through continuous learning and development. Warba investment in human resources is a mean to achieve this goal.


We believe in excellence in performance, and our reward and benefit system employed throughout our various departments are meant to achieve this core principle at all levels. Warba have invested in the right staff, systems and in the necessary resources required to succeed and grow its business.



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