Fighting Bribery & Corruption Policy

Warba is fully committed to fighting all forms of corruption in every country in which it has offices. All employees are expected not to accept or offer, directly or indirectly, during the course of their duties any money, gifts, special services or any other benefits to or from government officials, politicians, or any other person or organization, with a view to inducing them to do or not do something within the scope of their job or position.

The international regulations for fighting corruption also apply to indirect corruption carried out by third parties in the name of or on behalf of a company or an individual. In many countries, companies and individuals may be liable for civil and criminal penalties, including fines and prison sentences.

The Company recognizes that corrupt practices committed in one country may result in civil and criminal proceedings not only in that country but also in another country, given the extra- territorial application of certain regulations related to fighting corruption.

Each employee at Warba should be aware that corrupt practices will expose him personally and the Company to very significant adverse commercial consequences that include loss of tenders or contracts, in addition to serious damage of Company reputation.



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